How to update Vivaldi browser

update Vivaldi browser

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Vivaldi is a free web browser application developed by Vivaldi Technologies AS of Oslo, Norway. Vivaldi Technologies was founded by the co-founder of the Opera web browser, Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner. Tetzchner is also a former CEO of Opera Software. He stepped down from that role in January, 2010. Vivaldi browser is available for Windows (Window 7 and greater), Mac (OS X 10.9 and greater), and Linux. Vivaldi browser is not currently available for mobile platforms like Android and iOS. To keep Vivaldi browser current with the latest security updates, fixes and features, it is important to update Vivaldi browser periodically.

Vivaldi 1.0 was launched on April 6, 2016, more than a year after the public release of its first technical preview. Vivaldi, touted as a web browser intended for power users, differentiates itself from other browsers in a variety of ways. Features like Tab Stacks and Tab Stack Tiling help to reduce clutter and improve organization. Sessions allows users to save a set of favorite tabs for subsequent use. Notes allows users to store and remember quote snippets from visited web pages. Quick Commands, Speed Dial, Web Panels, mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts combine to improve the speed at which users can operate the web browser. Vivaldi states that more than one million different ways exist to personalize it into your perfect browser.

Update Vivaldi Browser from the Help menu

To update Vivaldi browser, launch the application, and click the update Vivaldi browser menu button in the upper left corner.  Choose Help > Check for Updates.

update Vivaldi browser

Users who have chosen to view the Horizontal Main Menu can click the Help menu > Check for Updates.

update Vivaldi browser

A Software Update dialog will display. If an update exists, A new version of Vivaldi is available! will display in the dialog, accompanied by the new version number, and the version number you have currently installed. Use the scroll pane within the dialog to review the release notes before continuing. Click the Install update button to proceed.

The new Vivaldi browser version will download, and a progress dialog will display.

update Vivaldi browser

Once the download has completed, click the Close Vivaldi and install now button to install the update.

update Vivaldi browser

The installer will launch.

update Vivaldi browser

An Installing Vivaldi progress dialog will briefly display while the Vivaldi update installs.

update Vivaldi browser

Once the installation has completed, Vivaldi browser will relaunch. When you check for updates again, Vivaldi will notify you that your installation is up to date.

We are not aware of a specific update cycle, such as monthly Patch Tuesdays, in Vivaldi’s early release stage. Therefore, it is advisable to update Vivaldi browser on a regular basis to ensure you have the latest features, fixes and security patches.

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