How to update Brave browser

update Brave browser

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Brave is a free web browser application developed by Brave Software Inc., of San Francisco, California, USA. Its current CEO, Brendan Eich, and its Lead Developer, Brian Bondy, founded Brave. Eich, the creator of the JavaScript programming language, also co-founded the Mozilla project. Brave browser is available for desktop and laptop computers running Windows (Windows 7 x64 or later), Mac OS X (10.9 or later), and Linux (64-bit Debian/Ubuntu or 64-bit Fedora/openSUSE). The browser is also available for mobile devices running iOS (8.1 or later) and Android (Jelly Bean 4.1 or later).

Brave browser version 0.7 launched on January 20, 2016. Like other browsers, the Chromium web browser serves as the base for Brave. Yet Brave differentiates itself in a variety of ways. For example, Brave blocks advertisements and web site trackers by default. In doing so, Brave intends to make the browsing experience both faster, safer and more private when compared to other web browsers. Additionally, Brave has integrated HTTPS Everywhere to help redirect sites you visit to HTTPS. In the future, Brave wants to collect Bitcoin micropayments and display “better ads” to compensate web site publishers for lost advertising revenue.

On April 7, 2016, representatives of multiple newspaper publishers issued a cease and desist letter to Brave Software. The letter said, “Your plan to use our content to sell your advertising is indistinguishable from a plan to steal our content to publish on your own website.” In response, Brave said in a statement that it “is the solution [to ad-blocking], not the enemy.” Brave also published a separate response on its web site.

Check for Updates

It is important to update Brave browser when new releases become available. New releases often include new features and security updates. To update Brave browser on your desktop or laptop computer, launch the application, and click the Help menu > Check for Updates….

update Brave browser

If you have chosen not to display the menu bar, click the Menu icon instead. Click Help > Check for Updates….

update Brave browser

If the Brave version you have installed is the latest available version, a message will display in the notification bar at the top of the window that says, Not yet! Sorry, there are no updates yet. Please check back soon. Click the Hide button to close the notification.

update Brave browser

However, if an update is available, the message in the notification bar will say, Update found, we’re downloading it… instead.

update Brave browser

Once the update has downloaded, the message in the notification bar will say, Hello! A Brave update was just released. Requires a quick relaunch.

update Brave browser

Click the Details button to display the new version number, a brief description of new features, and a link to release notes.

update brave browser

Finally, click the Update button to complete the installation, and relaunch Brave. Once the installation has completed, Brave browser will relaunch. When you check for updates again, Brave will notify you that there are no updates yet.

References for December 14, 2016, release of Brave 0.12.15 update

v0.12.15 Dev Channel
Get Brave 0.12.15

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