Tech Wrap-Up 5-2-2019

Tech Wrap-Up 5-2-2019

Tech Wrap-Up 5-2-2019. It’s the first Thursday of May, which makes today World Password Day. Raise your password game by using strong passwords, a password manager, and two-factor authentication when possible. Tech Help Knowledgebase wraps up each day with a summary of today’s most engaging stories from our social media feeds. We order the story summaries below by user engagement (posts with the most likes, shares, clicks, hashtag clicks and detail expands) and by the number of impressions they received. Stories are in descending order with the most engaging story at the top. Our human-curated social media feeds include links to technology news, how-to and help articles, and video tutorials for common issues.

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Today’s Tech Wrap-Up

1. Bitcoin whale moved $212 million in cryptocurrency — for just $3.93 (The Next Web)

What the title does not disclose is that the transfer of 40,000 Bitcoin (BTC) with a value of $212 million occurred in a single transaction. It did not require anyone’s permission. The sender, an infamous Bitcoiner aptly named Loaded, used a SegWit address for the transfer, and set their own fee — a remarkably low 0.00074227 BTC, or $3.93.

2. Top web browsers 2019: Chrome dumps user share (Computerworld)

In March, Chrome usage hit an all-time high. In April, Chrome usage lost 2.2% for a total user share of 65.6%. April’s numbers were Chrome’s lowest since October. An apparent recipient of user share is Firefox, which ended April with a 10.2% share. Also gaining was Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, where Safari lost one-tenth of a percent in the same period.

3. Chrome OS 74 rolling out with unified Assistant & device search, PDF annotation, more (9to5Google)

Chromebook users welcomed a new Chrome OS version yesterday, Chrome OS 74. The update includes both new features and security fixes. New features include support for Linux apps to output audio, unified search improvements that don’t require text input, the ability to annotate PDF documents in Chrome’s PDF Viewer, and more.

4. Microsoft working to protect your typing while Incognito in Chrome & Edge on Windows 10 (9to5Google)

When using Chrome or the new Edge browser in Incognito Mode on Windows 10, text you type goes through Windows’ prediction services. Microsoft will fix this privacy issue by indicating that your keyboard input is private while using an Incognito window. Until Microsoft rolls out the fix to Chrome 76/Edge 76, Chrome and Edge users on Windows 10 should consider their privacy when typing in Incognito Mode.

5. Malvertising Bypasses Security with Straight to Browser Attacks (Security Boulevard)

A flaw in Chrome browser on iOS devices exposed over 500 million people to a malware attack around Easter. Attackers targeted iPhone and iPad users primarily in Europe and the United States. A malicious pop-up ad circumvented pop-up blockers, and a phishing site was the ad click’s destination. Most anti-phishing efforts focus on email systems. The article suggests that preventing a user from reaching the phishing sites, to begin with, is an effective solution.

6. Dell laptops and computers vulnerable to remote hijacks (ZD Net)

Dell’s useful SupportAssist tool has a flaw that exposes the manufacturer’s computers to a code execution attack. Dell updated SupportAssist with a fix on April 23, but many Dell customers may not have updated the software. Because Dell pre-installs SupportAssist on all its Windows computers, the vulnerability most likely impacts a large number of users. One minor caveat is the attacker must be on the vulnerable computer’s network. Update or uninstall Dell SupportAssist to be on the safe side.

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