Tech Wrap-Up 5-1-2019

Tech Wrap-Up 5-1-2019

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Today’s Tech Wrap-Up

1. IoT security crackdown: Stop using default passwords and guarantee updates, tech companies told (ZD Net)

The United Kingdom government is considering measures to improve the security of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Measures include dispensing with default passwords, guaranteeing security updates for a specified amount of time, and security labeling. Retailers would not be able to sell devices without an IoT security label affixed to the product.

2. Amazon says AT&T, Accenture, and Nestle are all using its blockchain tools (The Next Web)

Amazon Web Services, the cloud solutions arm of Amazon, announced the “general availability” of Amazon Managed Blockchain. However, uncertainty exists as to what that means. Amazon Managed Blockchain is fully managed by Amazon. Organizations use Hyperledger Fabric (and Ethereum in the future) to create their own scalable blockchain networks.

3. This rewards program with over 750 top brand partners pays you in Bitcoin BTC (Lolli)

Many rewards programs allow users to accumulate points to cash in on select items later. A new rewards program from Lolli pays out in Bitcoin (BTC). Users earn Bitcoin back on purchases from top brand partners like Microsoft, GoDaddy, Priceline, Walmart, and other big names. The average reward is 7% of your purchase price. Some Lolli partners pay out as much as 30% in Bitcoin back.

4. Survey Finds 27% Of Those Aged 18-34 Prefer Bitcoin Over Stocks (Forbes)

It makes sense that people born with the Internet would welcome a store of value and medium of exchange born from the Internet. A new Harris Poll demonstrates that 20% of millennials own Bitcoin, and 27% of them prefer the digital asset over traditional stocks. Only 11% of those surveyed said they are unaware of Bitcoin, down from 23% in October 2017.

5. Google released an update to Chrome 74 with 2 security fixes (Tech Help Knowledgebase)

One of the two Chrome security fixes is a high priority fix. Install the update on Mac, Windows, and Linux machines to prevent an attacker from taking control of your system. Keeping Chrome current helps to keep you safe online and gives you all the latest web browser features too.

6. Apple will soon be blitzing your iPhone with ads, because it’s profitable (ZD Net)

In an attempt to utilize its monolithic hardware ecosystem, ad delivery for iOS device users is likely to increase. During Apple’s earnings call this week, CEO Tim Cook repeatedly referenced the App Store search ad business as a growing revenue segment (up more than 70% over the previous year). It stands to reason that an increase in App Store ads is coming.

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