I see “Sorry your browser is not Java enabled”

I see “Sorry your browser is not Java enabled”

Last updated: January 25, 2019 

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Step 4. Try an alternate web browser

Use an alternate web browser to visit the web page that contains the Java content.  Alternative web browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Torch, Opera and Safari. If you are able to load the Java content in an alternate web browser without issue, then the cause may be an Internet Explorer security setting. Information about configuring Security Settings in Internet Explorer (the settings are identical for Internet Explorer version 6 through 11), please visit:

Step 5. Enable the Java Plug-in

Check to see if the Java Plug-in is set to Enabled In Internet Explorer. Open an Internet Explorer browser window, pull down the Tools file menu, and click “Internet options“.  Click the Programs tab, the click the “Manage Add-ons” button.  In the Manage Add-ons window, scroll down to the “Show:” menu, and select “All add-ons“.

Sorry your browser is not Java enabled

Locate Java Plug-In….. in the list, right-click on it, and see if it is set it to Enable.  If it is set to Disabled, right-click on it, and choose Enable from the drop-down menu.

Sorry your browser is not Java enabled

Once you have enabled Java, close the Manage Add-ons window, close the Internet options dialog, and completely exit out of your web browser to close ALL open web browser tabs and windows.  Relaunch Internet Explorer so the change takes effect.

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