Opera 29 offers cross-device tab sync

Last updated: April 13, 2016 

Opera 29 offers cross-device tab sync

Norwegian software developer, Opera Software ASA, released an update to their Opera web browser today. Opera 29 for computers introduces tab synchronization to the application. Tab synchronization is the ability to simultaneously view and share the same tabs you have open in Opera on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer with your laptop and Android device.

To synchronize your tabs, and view them across devices, click the Synchronization button opera 29 adjacent to the address bar.

opera 29

For tab synchronization to function, you must have an Opera account. To synchronize your browsing data between devices, sign into Opera on each device. The Synchronization dialog includes a Sign in link. Otherwise, click the Opera button opera 29, click Settings, and click the Sign in… button under the Synchronization section. If you do not have an Opera account, click the Create my account! button in the Synchronization dialog, or sign up here.

opera 29

Once signed into Opera, open tabs from your other devices will display under the Tabs button in the browser’s Start Page.

In addition to tab synchronization, Opera 29 includes some productivity improvements. In the blog post describing the new features in Opera 29, Zhenis, the Product Manager of Desktop Products at Opera, states:

  • You can now customize your keyboard shortcuts by setting any keyboard shortcut combination in the settings page.
  • You don’t necessarily want to listen to audio at full volume when you open a browser session. The new audio indicator will make it much easier for you to find a tab that is blasting sound.
  • Other productivity improvements include more mouse gestures, centered standalone images and integrated history in the start page, among others.

If you already have Opera installed, check for updates manually from the Opera button. An Update notification dialog may also display when you next launch the application. If you want to install the update, click Yes.

opera 29

To download Opera 29 manually, or to learn more about Opera, please visit:

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