Java and Microsoft Edge

Java and Microsoft Edge

Last updated: October 21, 2017 

Java and Microsoft Edge Watch the Video: How to use Java on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is the default web browser in Windows 10. Known as Project Spartan during its development phase, Microsoft introduced Edge at its Build 2015 conference. As Windows 10 rolled out in July 2015, Edge perplexed users of business applications that require Java. Java content did not display, and Edge was devoid of any visual cue that Java content was even present. So what’s up with Java and Microsoft Edge?

To deepen the mystery, Java became certified on Windows 10 beginning with Java 8 Update 51. Oracle released Update 51 on July 14, 2015, 15 days before the launch of Windows 10. This is good news for Windows 10 users who need Java. The issue is less about Java support on Windows 10, and more about the lack of plug-in support by Microsoft Edge. If Windows 10 supports Java, but the Edge browser does not, the question about how to use Java on Windows 10 remains.  The answer lies in alternative web browsers.

Windows 10 not only includes the new Edge web browser, but includes the old Internet Explorer 11 too. Microsoft realized that prohibitive plug-in compatibility issues existed with Edge. The solution was to bundle Internet Explorer with Windows 10. If you encounter Java content in Edge, click the menu button, and choose Open with Internet Explorer.

Java and Microsoft Edge

You can launch Internet Explorer from the Windows 10 Start button too. When you do so, you may want to verify the Java version on your computer to make sure it’s current. This will help to ensure the security and performance of Java on your Windows 10 computer.

The other top-tier web browser to install on Windows 10 to display and use Java content is Firefox. The Firefox web browser supports NPAPI plug-ins like Java and Silverlight alike, and is supported by Windows 10. Opera is also a Java-friendly web browser for Windows 10.

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