How to add folders to the Windows 10 Start menu

How to add folders to the Windows 10 Start menu

Last updated: April 30, 2019 

Windows 10 has been out long enough that the old Windows 8 Start Screen is but a distant memory. With the Start button restored to its rightful place in Windows 10, important locations on your computer can be accessed from the Start menu. By default, these locations include File Explorer, Settings, Power, and All Apps. As key locations on your computer, likely used on a daily basis, they have a rightful place there. You can also add folders to the Windows 10 Start menu if your idea of important differs from Microsoft’s.

You can’t add just any folder to the Start menu. Some common folders are included in a list from which you may choose. The list, which includes locations like Documents, Pictures, and Music, allows you to toggle on or off their display in the Start menu. To personalize the Start menu to include your important locations, click the Start button and choose Settings.

Personalization is the key

Start button to Settings

In Settings, scroll down the list and click Personalization.

click Personalization

In the left navigation of the Personalization settings, click Start. The Start settings will display to the right. Scroll down to the bottom of the Start settings, and click Choose which folders appear on Start.

click Start then click Choose which folders appear on Start

A list of the individual folders that can be added to the Start menu will display.

a list of individual folders with on/off toggle buttons

Turned on by default are choices like File Explorer and Settings. Toggle the switch from Off to On for the folders you want to add to your Start menu.  In this example, we chose to add Personal Folder. Once you have made your selections, close the Settings window to save the changes. The next time you click the Start button, the item(s) you selected will display.

add a Personal Folder

While you are there, you have the option to pin the folder to the Start screen. Just right-click on the folder and choose Pin to Start.

Pin Personal Folder to Start

A new tile will display in the Start screen, and remain there until you unpin it.

Personal Folder pinned to Start menu

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