How much can I earn with a Bitcoin mining contract?

How much can I earn with a Bitcoin mining contract?

Last updated: October 22, 2017 

Use a Bitcoin calculator to determine how much Bitcoin can be potentially mined at a contract hash rate (i.e. 500 GH/s or 3 TH/s) during a specific time period. Keep in mind that your Bitcoin mining pool likely pays out by the number of shares you contribute to the pool during a specific time period.  The number of shares that are sent at the contract hash rate varies greatly, and depends on the “difficulty” set by the pool itself, and/or the “difficulty” you configure for your “worker”.  As such, this question is best asked to your pool administrator.

All a Bitcoin mining contract does is mine under your Bitcoin mining pool account at the contracted hash rate for the time period you contract.  Please make sure you understand your pool’s payout structure by communicating with your pool administrator before you purchase a mining contract.

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