How can I check for latency on the Internet?

How can I check for latency on the Internet?

Last updated: October 24, 2017 

If your Internet connection seems slower or sluggish, it could be due to a delay in sending and receiving packets of data. This delay is often referred to as latency.  There are many reasons your Internet connection may be latent.  It could be related to a down or busy router in the many hops your Internet connection takes from your computer to a destination web site.

To check for latency on the Internet, the Internet Weather Map offers  a free service that maps latency.  Quickly scan for latency-related issues in your area, or in the areas where you are trying to work, so that you can plan for potential issues before they manifest.  The site offers other domain-related tools such as MX Lookup and MX Connectivity tools.

To view the Internet Weather Latency Map, please visit:

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