How can I calculate the return on a Bitcoin mining contract?

bitcoin mining contract

First, you need to use a Bitcoin profit calculator to estimate the amount of Bitcoin that can be potentially mined at one of our contract hash rates (i.e. 500 GH/s or 3 TH/s).

Next, you need to understand the payout structure of your Bitcoin mining pool, which may include a specific payout rate, and a fee.  Please make sure you understand your pool’s payout structure by communicating with your pool administrator before you purchase a mining contract.

Finally, you must include how much it would cost you to purchase the Bitcoin mining hardware to achieve the hash rate, and the cost of running the Bitcoin mining hardware (which includes secure data center rack space, networking equipment, electricity, cooling and gigabit access to the Internet).

A Bitcoin mining contract may cost a premium over purchasing Bitcoin directly on the open market via an exchange, but there are more costs involved in mining Bitcoin then just acquiring the Bitcoin itself.

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