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Welcome to Tech Help Knowledgebase!  We genuinely hope you found the tech help you were looking for during your visit to our web site.  Our mission is to write original, easy-to-read technical help and how-to articles, and produce how-to videos, to help you understand and resolve common issues.

Tech Help Knowledgebase is located in the stunningly beautiful San Francisco Bay Area of California, USA.  Our writers and contributors have decades of customer and technical support assistance and writing experience, primarily in the areas of web-based software.  As such, our articles and videos are intentionally focused on applications like operating systems, web browsers, web browser plugins, and other peripheral software applications.  We enjoy creating helpful articles and videos not only about how to use software, but about security issues and risks that may arise involving software, and how they could impact you.

Tech Help Knowledgebase also enjoys culling information from the Internet’s vast and prolific technology resources that is pertinent to our mission, and passing that information along to our followers via Twitter, Facebook, InstagramGoogle+, and YouTube.  Our social media feeds contain a combination of helpful information from our own tech help articles and videos, and like-minded information from other resources.  Please take a moment to follow and subscribe to us.

We welcome links back to the information on our site.  However, re-posting of our articles requires prior permission.

Tech Help Knowledgebase thrives on feedback.  We invite and encourage you to submit comments on any of our tech help articles, or to contact us.


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